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PRP & IV Therapy Course

This course can no longer be booked.

  • Ended
  • Saint Albert Trail

Service Description

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Course: This PRP & IV Therapy Course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of PRP, hands-on experience in its extraction and application, and the necessary skills to incorporate PRP into their medical or aesthetic practice. The course ensures that participants are well-equipped to apply PRP & IV therapy safely and effectively in various clinical settings. Prerequisites: - For medical professionals (e.g., nurses, physicians), an active and valid medical license is required. Cost: $2000 (Nurse) $2500(Physician) Course Length: Course work done Online at own pace, One day in-clinic Practical training - Certification: Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certification in PRP injection course. Course Objectives: • Understanding Plasma Growth Factors: - In-depth knowledge of plasma growth factors and their role in regenerative medicine. - Understanding the science behind PRP and its applications in aesthetic and medical treatments. • Extracting Plasma Growth Factors from the Blood: - Hands-on training in the process of extracting and preparing PRP from the patient's blood. - Techniques for proper centrifugation and isolation of platelet-rich plasma. -Principles of IV therapy Indications and contraindications for IV therapy Anatomy and physiology of the vascular system • Assessing the Patient and Preparing the Treatment Area: - Patient evaluation for PRP suitability and understanding patient expectations. - Preparing the treatment area, including sterilization and creating a sterile environment for injections. • Applying a Proper Injection Technique: - Comprehensive training on injection techniques specific to PRP administration. - Understanding depth, angle, and site-specific considerations for effective and safe PRP injections. Topics Covered: Plasma Growth Factors: - In-depth exploration of various growth factors found in plasma and their roles in tissue regeneration. Pre-treatment and Post-treatment Instructions: - Providing clear guidelines for patients before and after PRP treatments. - Managing patient expectations and ensuring optimal post-treatment care. Injection Techniques: - Detailed instruction on various injection techniques applicable to PRP procedures. - Practical demonstrations and hands-on training for participants to master the injection process

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  • 625 st-albert trail, Saint Albert Trail, St. Albert, AB, Canada

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