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PDO threading (thread lift) Course

This course can no longer be booked.

  • Ended
  • Saint Albert Trail

Service Description

The PDO Threading course structure emphasizes a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills, allowing participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of thread lift techniques. The live demo provides a valuable opportunity for hands-on learning and immediate application of knowledge. Participants will receive a certification upon successfully completing the program, validating their proficiency in thread lift procedures. Cost : $6,500(Nurse) $7,000(Physician) Duration: Online course work completed at own pace, One day in-clinic practical training. Prerequisites: For medical professionals (e.g., nurses, physicians), an active and valid medical license is required. Certification: Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certification in the Thread Lift Course. Course Overview: Anatomy of the Face: - In-depth study of different skin layers, muscles, fat pads, retaining ligaments, and blood vessels of the face. - Understanding the anatomical structures crucial for thread lift procedures. Aging Changes: - Discussion on aging changes in the face, emphasizing the impact on skin positioning and sagging. - Identifying key areas affected by aging for targeted thread lift interventions. Eyebrow Anatomy and Shapes: - Understanding the anatomy of eyebrows and exploring different eyebrow shapes. - Insights into how thread lifts can be applied to enhance eyebrow aesthetics. Types of Threads: - Comprehensive coverage of various types of threads used in thread lifting procedures. - Understanding the characteristics and applications of different thread materials. Malar Fat Pad Lifting and Repositioning: - Practical techniques for lifting and repositioning the malar fat pad using threads. - Hands-on training to master the skills required for effective malar fat pad corrections. Jowl Fat Pad Lifting and Repositioning: - Techniques for lifting and repositioning the jowl fat pad using thread lifts. - Addressing sagging in the jowl area for facial rejuvenation. Jawline Contouring with Threads: - Understanding and implementing thread lift techniques for jawline contouring. - Achieving defined and aesthetically pleasing jawline results. Nasolabial Fold Corrections with Threads: - Methods for correcting nasolabial folds using thread lifts. - Focusing on precise and effective thread placement for natural-looking outcomes.

Contact Details

  • 625 st-albert trail, Saint Albert Trail, St. Albert, AB, Canada


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